ultimate_competitive_advantage_smWhen a visitor browses your website, it’s like them walking through your shop or office, except you don’t physically see or make eye contact with them making it much harder to build rapport.

Rapport is the first step to any sales process and without it, your visitor or prospect won’t be receptive to how you can add value or offer a solution to their problem. On the web its even harder because you have just 7 seconds to keep a visitor on your site long enough to  continue reading.

The communication flow of your homepage is vital to this. It’s important the route the eye takes when viewing your homepage and your ability to predetermine this flow will have a direct result on it’s effectiveness.

Once you’ve engaged them, then you need to lure them in by interacting with the visitor.

There are several proven strategies for delivering interaction on your website, however each business is different and using the correct method will either deliver results or failure.

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