WordPress Hosting

Our managed WordPress hosting service includes a fresh install of WordPress, your chosen theme, and any plug-ins that have been tested and approved by our team. Our service includes monthly WordPress and plug-in updates, daily backups and more. As part of our service we provide free PHP, MySQL and WordPress upgrades. If the upgrades cause a portion of your site to malfunction we will provide a solution either free or as part of our hourly maintenance.

Our pro-active solution decreases vulnerabilities and increases performance on your WordPress hosted website.

  • Monthly WordPress software updates
  • We only use approved plug-ins to reduce vulnerabilities
  • We limit the number of hosted sites and to businesses only
  • Server software and hardware are continually updated
  • Pro-actively determine potential issues prior to any upgrades

Our premium wordpress hosting is just like regular hosting, and then some. We will make sure all your data is backed up, that all your plugins and WordPress itself are up to date, monitor security to help prevent hacking or virus attacks, and generally keep your site up and running.

Our premium WordPress hosting, offer superior performance benefits such as near-100% uptime, fast page loads, and the ability to handle traffic spikes that may crash other sites.

In addition to protecting your site from hackers, denial of service attacks, and many other insidious online dangers, our premium WordPress hosting, will also repair your site should one of those hackers happen to somehow get through the protections put in place.

Have questions? Need help to do something specific with your site? Having problems with your website? Rather than spending hours—maybe even days—reading help files and support forums to try to figure out how to fix your site yourself, when your site is run through us, all it takes is one email, one support ticket, and someone will be there for you.

Peace of Mind
With our premium WordPress hosting, you never have to worry about your site going down, causing you to possibly lose customers and revenue. Even if you’re on vacation, you can rest assured that your site will remain up and running because we monitor your site’s status. The minute something goes wrong, we’re there to fix it, keeping you—and your customers—happy.

Quite possibly your most precious resource, time cannot be replicated, extended, or expanded. If you’re talented or skilled, you can always make more money. But once your time is spent, that’s it—you never get it back.

Contact us for a quote or learn about the benefits of using WordPress for your website.